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Mindset Artistry Podcast

Mindset Artistry Podcast

NANDANIE on Mindset Artistry Podcast

We are thrilled to share that Nancy Daniele Berman, our founder, had the honor of being interviewed on the Mindset Artistry Podcast! The Mindset Artistry Podcast strives to bring the truth, healing, and authenticity into everyone's lives. Nancy's story is one of vibrant threads woven through motherhood, entrepreneurship, and her love for fashion. This heart-to-heart conversation explores her journey from bespoke cake artisan to fashion maven, her role on the U.S. Commission, and the inspirations behind NANDANIE's luxurious neckties.

Nancy explains experience as "an absolute delight", especially thanks to the fantastic hosts, Janel Koloski; Actor, Career & Mindset Coach & Human Rights Activist and Amanda DeBraux; Actor, Self-Authenticity & Prosperity Coach, Dog Mom. Nancy met the multitalented Janel last year when Janel modeled for a NANDANIE campaign, where Janel recognized Nancy as a force in all of her career and personal endeavors. Their shared enthusiasm made the conversation during the podcast even more special.

Tune in to discover the rich tapestry of Nancy's life, filled with ambition, joy, and resilience, and get inspired to embrace your own passions, no matter where you are in life!

Watch/Listen to the podcast episode HERE

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