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NANDANIE is your go-to for innovative and stylish ties and bows, redefining fashion norms with flair. Rooted in a passion for pushing boundaries, we've made our mark with our unique approach to women's luxury neckties and bows. Committed to meeting evolving fashion demands, we're excited to introduce ties sized for men, reflecting our dedication to innovation. Designed in NYC with sustainably sourced materials, each NANDANIE tie is meticulously handcrafted. Effortlessly stylish and versatile for any occasion, NANDANIE ties and bows have been featured on the runways of NY and graced the pages of top fashion magazines. Join us as we inspire confidence, promote equality, and make a lasting impression on fashion. Be Bold. Be Heard. Be Seen.

“Everyone should have an equal seat at the table. Women have strong voices and should be heard.”

– Nancy Daniele Berman
Founder and CEO of Nandanie


Nancy Daniele Berman is an entrepreneur with an expansive background in marketing, philanthropy, and most recently hospitality as the founder of artisanal cakery, Nancy’s Fancy Schmancy Cakes.  As both a small business owner and mother, Nancy thoroughly believes in giving back and supporting her community through volunteer work for various non-profits in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. She was recently appointed by the President of the United States as Commission Member, U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

After decades of work dedicated to helping others, she decided to make a bold move for herself and enter into the fashion industry, a place where her love of both business and creativity thrive.

The spark of inspiration for NANDANIE originated through Nancy’s son’s closet, when she realized the gap the industry has for neck ties designed specifically for women.  For Nancy, a tie represents more than just a fashion accent, it represents social equality and confidence.  Inspired by her children daily, Nancy strives to broaden this viewpoint within the fashion industry.

And just like that, the tie re-imagined became the ingenuity behind the launch of NANDANIE, a luxury tie brand whose mission is to inspire confidence, build community, and embrace equality.  As the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of NANDANIE, Nancy artfully crafts collections of ties in the heart of New York City that are designed for women and worn by everyone.  NANDANIE represents innovation in women’s accessories by pioneering a novel approach to women’s ties, disrupting a traditionally male dominated fashion category.

Be a Changemaker.



Behind Our Logo

Our logo of intertwined elephants creates a harmonious tie symbolizing strength, resilience, and uniqueness. When you wear a NANDANIE tie, it’s a conscious reminder of the empathy to show the world around us.  We each make positive change as an individuals, and similarly to the shared bond between elephants, at NANDANIE we are fueled through unity and friendships.


Social Responsibility

When we take a look back at the past, men’s ties have been consistently worn throughout decades. Our ties are to be worn year after year, as our ties are timeless luxury pieces that have the power to elevate any outfit.

We aim to design and construct our ties within the U.S while sourcing a majority of our luxury fabrics from designers with excess amounts of fabric.

We are committed to employing local seamstresses and hand-picking our production establishments to assure equal and fair pay, safe work environments, and conscious sustainability practices.


Change the Game

We are passionate about cultivating an environment where women feel not only equal but empowered, particularly in the boardroom. Adorned in NANDANIE, we strive for you to radiate confidence and strength. Our diverse range of ties and bows is meticulously crafted to be versatile, effortlessly complementing any outfit, whether it's for the workplace, casual wear with jeans and a tee, or to add flair to a dress. From sophisticated to playful, our styles cater to every occasion


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