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NANDANIE in the Accessories Council Magazine: Tying One On - Nandanie

NANDANIE in the Accessories Council Magazine: Tying One On

Perfectly powerful luxury neckwear, premium neckties for women that will pull nay outfit together. All styles are pre-tied. NANDANIE takes a modern twist on neckwear for women. Materials sourced from Italy and made in New York City.

Menswear as women’s wear took a giant leap into popular culture in the late 1970s — think Diane Keaton as the quirky tie and vest sporting lead
in Annie Hall — but truthfully, women have been borrowing from men’s closets since the 1800s (and surely even earlier than that). And while a host of famous faces, from Mila Kunis, to Blake Lively to Britney Spears, have been photographed in oversized jackets, floppy hats, baggy pleated trousers, and neckties, it was a modern day entrepreneur who finally asked, “Why isn’t there a line of ties designed specifically for women?”

Nancy Daniele Berman was cleaning out her son’s closet when she became fascinated by his pre-tied slide up neckties — all of which were sized down to fit a small boy. Trying one on for fun, she suddenly thought, “Why not?”

Driven to make her mark in a fashion segment that existed as little more than white space, Berman launched Nandanie, a first of its kind collection
of luxury neckties for women. For Berman, a tie is more than just a fashion accessory, it’s a statement of social equality and perseverance. “Wearing a tie is like an instant boost of confidence,”
she says. “Your demeanor changes immediately. When I’m wearing a necktie, I feel empowered and ready to handle anything that comes my way.”

Berman brings an expansive background in marketing and philanthropy to the table. Most recently she’s been in the hospitality field as the founder of the artisanal cakery Nancy’s Fancy Schmancy Cakes. As both a small business owner and a single mother, Berman believes in giving back and supporting her community through volunteer non-profit work in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan. In August, she was named

by President Biden to serve as a commission member on the United States Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.

It is important to Berman to ensure that Nandanie is forward-thinking in branding, design, and sourcing. The logo of intertwined elephants symbolizes strength, resilience, and uniqueness, says Berman. “While individual characteristics

of elephants are great on their own, intertwined together creates a harmonious tie.”

Each item in the collection is handmade in New York City, using high quality remnant fabrics that can be worn year-round. By offering smaller, thinner ties in several silhouettes, the company
is giving women an opportunity to stand up and feel empowered — just like their male colleagues. The look is fashionable and versatile, and sized to accommodate a woman’s smaller frame.

From textured textiles to luxury silks to butter- soft leather and a variety of vegan options, the versatile collection easily transitions from day-to- evening wear. Silhouettes include a classic and petite style, as well as a plunging option. Prices range from $175 to $500.

Whether tucked under a collar or tossed casually over a tee, the pre-tied ties are sure to bring the sultry style of Marlene Dietrich and the quirky look of Annie Hall right into the modern age. And who doesn’t love that idea?

Via the Accessories Council Magazine.

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