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NANDANIE at NYFW 2022, Nolcha Fashion Shows - Nandanie

NANDANIE at NYFW 2022, Nolcha Fashion Shows

The debut of NANDANIE at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in 2022 was a pivotal moment for our brand, marking the beginning of its journey into the world of fashion. Our presence at NYFW was even more remarkable as it was part of the Nolcha Fashion Shows, which are known for showcasing emerging and independent designers, making NANDANIE's participation even more prestigious.

One of the standout features of NANDANIE's NYFW debut was the collaboration with the renowned designer Maya Seferth. This partnership brought a fresh and innovative approach to fashion. It showed a new way to style classic accessories in a way that captivated the audience like never before.

It set a trend in the world of fashion, inspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts to rethink how classic elements like neckties and bows can be integrated into contemporary and cutting-edge styles. The brand's showcase and partnership not only earned it recognition but also accolades, solidifying its place in the competitive fashion industry.

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