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NANDANIE X Taryn Treisman hand painted screen printed ties supporting Israeli hostages

Tied to Israel


It’s been 6 months since the most unimaginable act of cruelty occurred, as 1200 innocent individuals, including men, women, children, and babies, were subjected to unspeakable atrocities by Hamas simply for being Jewish and living in Israel. Among them, 400 young people were attending the Nova Music Festival when terrorists seized more than 240 hostages, with approximately 130 still remaining captive. Tragically, many of these hostages are women who endure relentless violence, including rape and sexual abuse, day after day. A senior United Nations official has confirmed these horrifying acts, including instances of rape and gang rape perpetrated in Gaza.

Recently, during a trip to Israel, I visited Hostage Square, a public plaza situated in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Here, families of the hostages taken during the attack have established a makeshift camp in their desperate search for answers and solace. The area, previously renowned for its magnificent sculptures, has evolved into a moving "spontaneous art space," embellished with installations that convey sentiments of hope, frustration, and deep sorrow. It was a solemn opportunity to stand in solidarity with these families as they grapple with deep anguish and endure the torment of uncertainty. I will never forget the heart-wrenching despair of a mother whose son had been kidnapped. Sitting with friends, we listened to her agonizing pain and cries—a stark reminder that no parent should ever have to endure such unimaginable suffering.

Nancy Berman X Taryn Treisman

In an effort to raise awareness and ensure that the world does not forget the hostages and the heinous atrocities inflicted upon them by Hamas—and to reaffirm Israel’s fundamental right to live in peace—I am proud to announce a collaboration with Israeli artist Taryn Treisman. Together, we have crafted a limited edition of ties as part of our Tied To Israel series. Each tie is unique and serves as a powerful symbol of solidarity with the people of Israel.

Let us stand together, united in our commitment to justice, peace, and compassion.

Warm regards,

Nancy Daniele Berman

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