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NANDANIE x Friendship Circle, Artistry and Unity

NANDANIE x Friendship Circle, Artistry and Unity

What an honor to partake in Friendship Circle’s evening of artistry and unity at the Soul Gallery on Thursday, November 9th. The Common Threads Ladies Gallery Event focused on the collaboration between Detroit artists and their Soul Gallery artists with a concentration on fiber and textile work; bringing our sense of community and responsibility for each other into the spotlight through art.  I was thrilled to be paired with local artist, Bree Reinke, who painted empowered women in pop music on NANDANIE ties.

When invited to participate in this Gallery Event, I was given the opportunity to select an artist that matched my vision. Bree was a natural fit and I knew I wanted to work with her immediately. Bree has a passion for music which is infused in her artwork. Bree has been hand painting artists such as Taylor Swift, Adelle, and Madonna on NANDANIE ties – and I could not be any prouder of this collaboration.

Click here to learn more about the amazing Frienship Circle.


Nancy Berman

CEO and Creator of NANDANIE

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