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NANDANIE, Disrupting Women's Accessories - Nandanie

NANDANIE, Disrupting Women's Accessories

Before NANDANIE, the ability to find ties that were just right for women to wear, made in high-quality fabrics, that were pre-tied was next to impossible. While helping clean out her son's closet, founder Nancy Berman was inspired by the pre-tied ties he had from when he was a kid, and the first idea for NANDANIE began to take shape.

Women have been wearing ties for years, but it was always just a men's tie, sometimes too long, a challenge to tie and often in the same bland colours. NANDANIE is proud to have been able to break the mold and create something totally new for women to wear. Ties and bows that come in interesting fabrics, textures and styles that can be worn on top of any outfit as the final touch. 


NANDANIE has created a new category of women's accessories, Neckties, a category that hasn't previously existed for women to wear and access easily. Taking an accessory category traditionally for men, and creating a fun and modern pre-tied styles, designed by women and worn by all to empower those who where them.

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